Esports Canvas course on a laptop

UNCG Esports Digital Certificate

In 2021, UNCG Online began the development of a new noncredit digital certificate program in Esports. The Esports Digital Certificate Program offers a flexible way to gain in-demand skills specific to the esports industry.

There are six courses developed by industry experts, and they cover topics from tournament design to sponsorships and monetization. A digital badge is earned for each 4-week course, and the certificate is awarded once all courses have been completed.

I worked with our team of instructional designers, as well as experts in the esports field, to create the visual design for all courses in the program. This includes banner images, progress bars, custom icons, digital badges, and any other graphics needed for the courses. I also communicated with the marketing team to make sure the course designs aligned with any existing marketing materials. I created a style guide for the program to ensure consistency across all courses, and all designs meet accessibility standards.

Esports Ecosystems: Past, Present, and Beyond Gaming banner
Esports Athletic Content and Viewer Engagement banner
Esports level up star
Esports icons for question, video, case study, assignment, and discussion
Esports icons for audio clip, schedule, checklist, objectives, and reading
Esports progress bar
Esports progress bar
Esports badges
Esports badges