Neat Finds for Designers

Here’s a little collection of recent neat finds I want to share!

  1. UXmas – This is an advent calendar designed for and by UX designers. Every day until Christmas, the calendar reveals a trick, tip, tool, or resource for UX design. It’s beautiful (and responsive! So it looks great on a mobile device, too). This is a great treat for web designers/developers.
  2. The Merry Moo Countdown – An advent calendar from This is a treat for those of you who need some printing jobs done. Every day until Christmas, Moo is offering a deal or discount.
  3. PBS Off Book – This is a Youtube video series that focuses on arts, media, and their surrounding culture. I just discovered this so I have yet to watch any of the videos. It looks like there are some really interesting topics, though, so I have it bookmarked and plan to watch them.
  4. ADC Adventure Club – An organization for creatives + travel and adventure? Sounds like a dream. The idea behind this venture is that…well, the website explains it really well: “It is impossible to be creative – whether we are concepting ads, designing a poster, shooting film or photography, or hand-crafting an illustration – if we are not balanced and in touch with nature. When I lay down in a grassy field, it grounds me. And in a strange, indirect but powerful way, I become better at my job.” I believe that travel/exploring new places is the greatest source of inspiration and creative rebooting, and traveling with other creatives could only make it more inspiring. If only I could afford to do this right now!

I hope you enjoy these finds as much as I do!

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