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It’s been a while, but I feel like this project deserves some praise. For what I guess would be considered my senior “capstone” class, my fellow classmates and I were divided into groups of 4 or 5 (we chose our partners). Each group had to create a website in WordPress for Madison 101. Madison 101 is a publication intended to provide high school students with information about James Madison University from a student’s perspective. They are well established as a print publication, but they were ready to have an online identity as well.

Each group had to communicate with the class that publishes Madison 101 and the professor of that class to determine their needs and vision for the site. At the end of the semester, the Madison 101 class evaluated the websites and chose their favorite. My group’s website unfortunately didn’t win, but we are still proud of our work. The website that was chosen visually matched the image of the print publication very well, and that’s what gave it that extra winning advantage. The professor in charge of Madison 101 did highly praise our site, though, as did our classmates from the winning group.

My group worked very well together. We divided up the work among us, though we all did a little bit of everything. I was in charge of design (the other roles were photography, development, and project management), so I came up with the layout, designed all icons, and designed the map on the home page. The color scheme, font choices, and modifications to my initial layout were all group decisions.

My proudest contribution is the interactive map on the homepage. My group decided we wanted to make the map a feature that really made us stand out from the rest. The JMU website already has a traditional map of campus, so we wanted to make ours more unique. We came up with the idea of doing a photo map, and I had the privilege of designing and developing it. When a location is hovered over on the list to the left of the map, that area on the map visually changes. When you click the location in the list, a video or photo pops up providing more information about the location. I like how it turned out, and the professor was really impressed by it as well. Had our site been chosen as the winner, I probably would have gone back and made the map itself clickable, since the average user would probably expect the map to be clickable.

Here are a few pictures of the website. You can visit to see the full site.

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