Design Salute: Websites

Lately I’ve been perusing websites and filling my “web design” bookmark folder with pretty or intriguing…or silly sites. Here are some of my recent finds.

Form Follows Function - This website is intended to illustrate the interactive possibilities of HTML5. Really fun and fasciniating to explore!

The Reconstructionists - This website is celebration of women who have changed the world. It’s a collaboration between an amazing illustrator and a writer, so the content is spectacular, but the design of the blog is really nice, too.

Lettering vs Calligraphy – Pretty letters. I like!

This is Oregon - Maybe this is just my fascination with Oregon manifesting itself, but you can’t deny that this website is pretty (a website filled with pictures of Oregon outdoors…how could it be anything but)! I like that the website inspires people to go out and explore and also encourages those explores to contribute to the website with Instagram photos.

Is the Internet Awake? - An interesting animated (HTML5!) infographic.

Faaaaaaaaaat – Just a ridiculous example of HTML5.

Own a Colour - Pick a color from the spectrum, and if it’s available, you can purchase it to benefit UNICEF. Another brilliant example of the power of HTML5.

Project Noah - A platform for documenting and sharing wildlife photography. I think the icon navigation is beautiful (and the photography, of course).

Cat Rabbit - Hehe, fun use of photography!

How Do they Make Money? - This is an interactive website that explores the different means through which major tech companies make money. Interesting and effective layout.

Emergency Compliment - Pure silliness.

MoMA – Century of the Child - Yet another great example of HTML5.

Jess & Russ – Is anything Jessica Hische designs NOT amazing? This is a beautiful example of parallax scrolling.

Nate Hanson – A simple but lovely portfolio site.

Green Hat Gin – This website is a bit visually overwhelming for my taste, but the design concept is interesting. It’s fun to look at.

Type Media 2010/11 - A unique way of presenting a series of typefaces and their designers. Ooooh, color! This one lacks an about page (unless I’m missing something). The 2012 site has that covered, though (it’s the culmination of a type design masters course).

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