Design Salute: Websites

Once again, my web design bookmarks folder is getting overcrowded. Here are some beautiful and intriguing sites. Check out my previous websites post for more!

Rivers & Robots – This website is just very much my taste. This is a website I’d love to have for myself if, say, I were an indie musician or owned a little online boutique selling artsy apparel. It’s beautiful…and responsive!

Bitfoundry - I love the retro-inspred design of this website. It’s clean, it has lovely typography, it’s responsive, it’s easy to navigate, yet it still has personality – all great characteristics for a website to have.

Richard Photo Lab - Another retro-inspired design. I was on a retro kick for a bit.

Knock Knock Factory - I love how interactive this website is! The way the content loads as you scroll down is a neat feature, and I love the rollover effect on the logo. I also really like the navigation for the projects pages.

Sputnik – I love the interactive “Process” infographic – great example of how awesome HTML5 is. This is another website that responds to the user scrolling – peripheral content is faded out.

Dan Edwards – I just really like the design of his “recent work” – a sleek, eye-catching layout. It’s easy to look through.

The Creative Parasol – I just think it’s cute. The design fits the business.

52 Weeks of UX - This is something a friend showed me. Each week, a new tidbit about user experience design, or “designing for real people” is published. A cool resource, though considering it’s week 51 and I just¬†learned about it a couple weeks ago, I have some catching up to do. I like the navigation – very straightforward.

PTARMAK – I bookmarked this because it’s so unique. It’s like no other blog I’ve seen. The feed scrolls vertically while the individual posts scroll horizontally, and the logo is fixed (and has four rotating images…are they all logos?). I’m not sure if I like it, but it is unique.

Jardan – LOVE! So sleek and sophisticated. I love websites that successfully implement photography on such a large scale. The website design doesn’t detract from the product, but rather it serves as a spotlight that lets the beauty of the furniture shine.

Gather – Another website that implements photography beautifully.

Every Last Drop – This website utilizes parallax scrolling really well. The purpose of the website is to teach about water conservation. It’s so fun to scroll through, it probably is a pretty successful mechanism for getting a point across.

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