Design Salute: Feedly

Have you ever heard of Feedly? Well, if you haven’t you should check it out. Feedly defines itself as “a newsreader for creative minds.” So it’s basically an RSS feed reader…a really nice one.

I follow A LOT of blogs – Design blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs, food blogs, blogs that just post pretty pictures, etc. Feedly makes keeping up with all of those blogs a lot easier. Plus, the design! Have a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Feedly Pros:

  •  It has a Beautiful, clean, easy-to-use user interface. It takes a lot for a website to earn the honorary fictitious Maggie Seal of Approval, and this website has earned it.  There is no unnecessary content. With a feed reader, all I really care about is, well, the feed. Feedly made ease of use priority. There’s no big “FEEDLY” header splashed across the top of the site. The footer contains a link to Facebook and Twitter, nothing else. The feed takes up the most space, with the menu unobtrusively off to the side (but still obvious enough).
  • It has extensive customization options. I like customization, especially when it’s something I’m going to look at on a daily basis. It’s like a bookshelf. I’m not going to buy just any ole bookshelf to put in my home, but I’m going to buy one that I like. Feedly lets you choose from a selection of color themes. I assume the creators of Feedly put a lot of consideration into these theme options because every single one is easy on the eyes – no blinding yellows or neon pinks. You can also customize fonts, font colors, and feed page view (magazine, mosaic, full articles, etc.). Why yes, this IS the perfect “newsreader for creative minds.” :)
  • There are many options for viewing your feed. When you add a blog, you can put it in one or more categories. So I’ve created all those different categories I listed above. If I decide one day that I ONLY want to read my design blogs, I don’t have to sift through dozens of food, fashion, and DIY posts to find them. You can also view just today’s new posts, latest posts, or posts you saved (there’s a “save for later” option at the top of each post). Hmmm…looks like I’m a little behind after Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Did I mention there’s a mobile app that’s just as fabulous? And it’s free!

The only con I personally found with Feedly is the icon menus at the top of feed pages and at the top of individual articles. I didn’t really have a problem with them on the website, but more so with the app. Image icons, if used, should be self-explanatory. I didn’t find this to be the case with the app. I had to click the icons in the app to figure out what they do…which means I marked-as-read articles that I hadn’t actually read and I saved articles I didn’t want to save. Once you learn the functions of the different icons, however, it’s a great app.

There are so many more great features of Feedly that I didn’t mention here, you really just need to sign up and go explore it yourself. If you use a feed reader or follow lots of blogs, it’d really be worth your time to sign up.

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