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A Travel Guide

I designed a book!  It should be for sale soon at I’ll share more about the project once it’s being publicized.  

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Homebrewing Guide

Ever wondered how to make your own beer? Our State has you covered. Go here to download a PDF guide I illustrated. It’s a bit slow to load (3 hi-res pages) … just have patience; it’s worth it.

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Photo Shoot!

Just some “behind the scenes” photos I took last month at an Our State photo shoot. We didn’t end up using the concept being shot here, but check out the Febraury 2015 issue (“Mayo Mutiny”) to see what we did use…  

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Typefaces for Editorial

I was doing some typeface research at work today. All day. It was a great day. Am I crazy? Two things it takes a long time for me to get sick of perusing: 1) chairs, 2) anything typography-related. I’m working on finding some new typeface options for body copy, so easy to read serif typefaces [...]

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Sneak Peek…

Here’s a look at just s snippet of a freelance piece I’m currently working on. An infographic. I love designing infographics!

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Danville Concert Association Website

I recently finished up a website! The website is for Danville Concert Association. They came to me this summer wanting a website designed in time for the 2013-2014 season. This was a fun project to work on, as I love the performing arts. I’ve always enjoyed going to musical performances, ballets, theatre productions, etc. It [...]

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Typographic Tees

What do you get when a type foundry and a clothing company team up? Some pretty cool tees. Check out these House Industries + Uniqlo designs. See more HERE!

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Focus on your Strengths

I’ve been catching up on blog reading over the past few days. I follow a gazillion blogs – design blogs, lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, crafty blogs, food blogs – and due to travel, work…life, I haven’t been keeping up with them. Three days ago, I had over 900 unread posts in my feed reader. I’m [...]

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Consignment Designs Continued…

This is an illustration I did for a blue jeans promotion. Your Stuff Consignment Boutique wanted to encourage consignors to bring their blue jeans to sell, so I was asked to create some designs with the simple message “we buy jeans.” This illustration is for online promotion. The store shared the image on Social media [...]

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