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Design Salute: Websites

Once again, my web design bookmarks folder is getting overcrowded. Here are some beautiful and intriguing sites. Check out my previous websites post for more! Rivers & Robots – This website is just very much my taste. This is a website I’d love to have for myself if, say, I were an indie musician or [...]

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Check This Out!

Design*Sponge posted an interview yesterday with Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest. Bri is a passionate, energetic, talented designer with an online personality that truly shines. She started freelancing and blogging full-time a couple years ago, and she also started Blogshop (a Photoshop class for bloggers). Her blog is one of my daily reads. You can read [...]

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Design Salute: Websites

Lately I’ve been perusing websites and filling my “web design” bookmark folder with pretty or intriguing…or silly sites. Here are some of my recent finds. Form Follows Function¬†- This website is intended to illustrate the interactive possibilities of HTML5. Really fun and fasciniating to explore! The Reconstructionists – This website is celebration of women who [...]

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Design Salute: Feedly

Have you ever heard of Feedly? Well, if you haven’t you should check it out. Feedly defines itself as “a newsreader for creative minds.” So it’s basically an RSS feed reader…a really nice one. I follow A LOT of blogs – Design blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs, food blogs, blogs that just post pretty pictures, [...]

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