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Saturday is my 23rd birthday (I’m turing 23 on the 23rd :D ). Many years ago, my family made a collective decision to just have family time and good food in lieu of Christmas and birthday gifts. My siblings and I buy most of our clothes secondhand, and we save up and purchase things we want when we want them. The delicious food and time spent together are the most enjoyable parts of celebrating, so why support holiday consumerism if we’re a-ok not doing so? I still enjoy giving, though, so I’ll normally put together little homemade gifts for my close friends and family (art, a handmade trinket, a card). One year I donated to Mercy Corp the money I would have spent on gifts, and I gave each friend a card telling them about the cause the money went to.

That being said, I still have a wish list. Just think of it as a general list of things I’d like to save up for, not things I specifically bookmarked with my birthday in mind. So here are some items I’d get for myself if I had a few spare dollars to spend.

  1. Letterpress necklace – I LOVE letterpress printing. As much as I’d like to own my own press and equipment, it’s not in my near future. This necklace would be a cute little reminder of that passion and would hopefully motivate me to keep chasing (saving up for) that dream.
  2. Colorful bowler hat - I always want hats. They’re definitely a weakness of mine.
  3. Quilting fabric – I took a fiber arts class in college, and my last project was a 25″ x 25″ quilt. I loved quilting, and I really want to make a bigger one. I already have it planned out in my head, I just need to buy the supplies. This is one of the fabrics I’d like to use.
  4. Phaidon Design Classics – These books are basically a chronological encyclopedia of timeless objects that have helped shape our society. This set is probably the thing on that list I want the most right now. I’m looking forward to spending hours on end completely absorbed in these books whenever I get my hands on them!
  5. Lensbaby SLR lens - Their lenses and optics looks like they’d be a lot of fun to experiment with. I’d like some more standard lenses for my Canon, too, like a 50mm (I’m just using the 18-55mm my camera came with), but the Lensbaby products just look so irresistibly fun!
  6. Timex Weekender watch – Not too girly, not too sporty, not too colorful, not too boring, and most importantly, not too expensive.
  7. Hiking shoes – I have one of the best rated pairs of hiking shoes out there (Patagonia Drifter A/C), but after several wears, the toe box became too roomy and now they’re terrible unless on level terrain. My brother has the same shoes and also had this problem. I’d really like to replace them.
  8. Past & Present: 24 Favorite Moments in Decorative Arts History and 24 Modern DIY Projects Inspired by Them - Well, the title explains it all. A book that combines two things I enjoy (decorative arts and DIY)? Sounds like a win.
  9. Eames rocker – I’m an avid yard sale/estate sale goer, so fingers crossed I’ll eventually find an Eames chair. I’d be happy finding ANYTHING Eames, but I’m particularly fond of these rockers.
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