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Sneak Peek…

Here’s a look at just s snippet of a freelance piece I’m currently working on. An infographic. I love designing infographics!

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My Kitchen

Yesterday my office was closed because of snow/ice, so I spent two hours cleaning my kitchen. I’m pretty sure it was cleaner than it’s ever been. I know I have some friends who are curious to see my house, so I figured I’d take pictures while it was sparkling clean. I’ll eventually share pictures of [...]

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24 Years

 © Maggie Josey 2014 “Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” – Kahlil Gibran I turn 24 in 22 days. For some reason, 24 is more daunting than 23. I don’t remember 23 seeming any more daunting than 22. And 22 no more than 21. Getting [...]

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Danville Concert Association Website

I recently finished up a website! The website is for Danville Concert Association. They came to me this summer wanting a website designed in time for the 2013-2014 season. This was a fun project to work on, as I love the performing arts. I’ve always enjoyed going to musical performances, ballets, theatre productions, etc. It [...]

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Typographic Tees

What do you get when a type foundry and a clothing company team up? Some pretty cool tees. Check out these House Industries + Uniqlo designs. See more HERE!

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Focus on your Strengths

I’ve been catching up on blog reading over the past few days. I follow a gazillion blogs – design blogs, lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, crafty blogs, food blogs – and due to travel, work…life, I haven’t been keeping up with them. Three days ago, I had over 900 unread posts in my feed reader. I’m [...]

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Old College Video Project

I was looking through some old videos on my computer, and I found this. In 2010, I took a HD video production class in college. We learned everything from using lighting and sound equipment to editing in Final Cut Pro. This video was part of an earlier project intended to help us get comfortable using [...]

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Current Interactive Projects

I’m working on several projects right now that I’m so anxious to share, but they’re still in development phase. To sate my desire to go ahead and reveal the projects, I’m sharing a few sneak-peek screenshots. Project: T-Lok These are a few screenshots of the home page of a website I designed for a Rockingham, Virginia-based [...]

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Design Salute: Websites

Once again, my web design bookmarks folder is getting overcrowded. Here are some beautiful and intriguing sites. Check out my previous websites post for more! Rivers & Robots – This website is just very much my taste. This is a website I’d love to have for myself if, say, I were an indie musician or [...]

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